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WavePad Sound Editor 7.12

Audio editing program
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Cut, copy, paste, delete, insert, silence, auto-trim music, apply sound effects, restore audio, record voice and other sounds. Audio formats supported: mp3, wav, vox, gsm, wma, au, aif, flac, real audio, ogg, aac, m4a, and others.

WavePad Sound Editor has plenty of features that allow you to work with audio. In this regard, this tool allows editing, applying effects and restoring old recordings by removing various types of imperfections. The application is absolutely simple to use, much more if you are already familiar with this type of software. Fortunately, there is extensive documentation, which includes various video tutorials, to help inexperienced users find their way more easily.

This sound editor supports importing audio from multiple sources. So, besides opening standard sound files, it can also record sound from a stream or directly from a microphone. Moreover, it is also possible to synthesize speech from text and strip audio CDs. Finally, you can download sound files from various on-the-cloud services and an online library.

The application supports most editing functions that are present in other similar tools, such as trimming, cutting, splitting, joining and mixing. Luckily, you can edit and convert batches of files to other audio formats.

Special emphasis must be placed on its outstanding effects. There is, for instance, a great noise reduction tool that can remove undesirable hisses and hums from your recordings. Likewise, the tool allows you to create Karaoke-like files by removing vocals. Also related to this are the tools that let you change somebody’s voice using different pitches and speeds. There are various features to adjust audio levels, such as amplifying, normalizing, compressing, equalizing and fading. Finally, you can apply several special FXs, like echo, reverberation, vibrato and chorus. For all these effects, it is possible to preview the results. Moreover, it is a blessing that the editor allows chaining various of these effects in a single operation.

When you are done with your work, you can easily export it to multiple file formats. But not only that, it supports compiling and burning audio CDs as well as uploading the resulting files to a Cloud service.

In general, WavePad Sound Editor is quite a versatile tool in terms of audio editing, which makes its features worth-exploring. I was really pleased by the results, except from the Navigate Speech feature, which is supposed to help you find the exact time a word or phrase is pronounced in the source audio file. Unluckily, it depends on speech-to-text recognition, which definitely does an awful job.

Pedro Castro
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  • Very versatile audio editing application.
  • Import from several sources.
  • Supports multiple audio file types.
  • Has an excellent noise removal feature.
  • Helps you add effect to voice recordings.
  • It can work with batches of files.


  • Navigate Speech feature does not work properly.
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