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WavePad Sound Editor 6.2

All-in-one audio recording and editing utility full of professional effects
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If you are in search of a professional toolbox full of audio editing features, disc burning capabilities, audio effects, and support for all known and some less known codecs, WavePad Sound Editor is an interesting option to consider. Complete with a recording engine, TTS functionality, and batch support, this waveform-based audio editor will help you produce and enhance your audio files just like professionals do.

Following the layout of most professional audio editors, WavePad opens your audio files as waveforms to help you select specific audio fragments in both a highly precise and an intuitive way. Times are displayed with a high level of accuracy – actually, down to the millisecond. This allows you to have a graphical representation of even the tiniest fragments, a very useful feature when trying to isolate pops and clicks for removal, for instance.

The program comes with a large set of tools and effects, which will let you split, trim, and clip your audio files, fade them in and out, normalize them, or remove specific artifacts or the overall hiss resulting from tape digitization processes. Some tools – such as the cleaning tools – come with a useful set of profiles that will help you perform specific tasks in a snap without having to play around with the various settings for ages. Presets are available for nearly every editing task – normalization, stereo panning, equalizing, audio cleaning, amplification, etc. They are there to make your life easier, but you can always create your own “presets” to fit your specific needs and save them for further use.

WavePad Sound Editor includes a plethora of other features and functions that I’ll leave for you to discover – graphical frequency analyzer, surround sound editor, audio recorder, and audio mixer to name a few. One of my favorites is the text-to-speech tool – it allows you to key in or paste any text into the window provided, choose any of the synthetic voices installed on your system, and create an audio file with the recording of the selected text. (Persons with a visual disability will surely welcome this functionality.) Finally, its support for a wide variety of audio formats and codecs makes it an excellent audio conversion tool along with everything else.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Waveform-based interface.
  • Extensive choice of professional editing tools.
  • Specific tools to clean up old recordings.
  • Text-to-speech capabilities.
  • Supports all well-known audio file formats and codecs


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