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WavePad Sound Editor 6.0

Comprehensive audio editing tool with a wide range of filters and effects
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WavePad Sound Editor is a comprehensive audio editing tool that is far from being limited to editing WAV files. It can also open and edit FLAC, MP3, Ogg, WMA, Real Audio, and AIFF files, among other formats. It comes with an interesting selection of filters and effects, as well as some extra tools that will allow you to rip CDs, create text to speech files, and join various tracks in batches.

The program’s interface is clear and intuitive. It will display a waveform representation of every track you open, so that you can perform accurate selections and various editing tasks in an intuitive and simple way. Its millisecond precision, together with its powerful zooming capabilities, will allow you to select the tiniest fragments or to place the cursor right where you want it to be. You can then apply any of the effects provided to the selected fragment, to an entire track, and even to a batch of audio tracks. When it comes to audio editing and enhancing, you will find all the usual suspects – echo, envelope, reverb, reverse audio, normalizer, graphical equalizer, etc. Thanks to the extensive list of audio formats supported for both the input and the output, you can use this tool simply to convert any number of files between formats.

However, what makes this tool stand out from many of its competitors is the interesting list of tools that comes with it. It includes a text-to-speech engine that will transform any piece of text you wish into audio using any of the synthetic voices installed on your computer. You can also use WavePad to rip your favorite CDs and edit, enhance, cut, trim, or simply re-encode into other formats those new tracks. You can also add bookmarks to your audio files, which will help you not only edit your tracks in a more precise way, but also search and find specific passages. Pro-like audio restoration of vinyl rips or needle drops can also be easily achieved using the program’s noise reduction and click removal tools. Finally, this tool’s batch capabilities are certainly worth noting - you can edit, convert, apply effects, and even join multiple tracks in one single operation.

Thus, the wide support for most well-known audio formats, the extensive choice of audio effects and filters, the wide variety of editing tools, and – most of all – the not-so-common list of highly useful tools provided, make WavePad Sound Editor a worth-considering comprehensive audio editing tool.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Excellent choice of effects and filters.
  • Waveform-based editing interface.
  • Batch audio joiner.
  • CD ripping capabilities.
  • Text to speech option.
  • Clear and intuitive interface


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