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WavePad Sound Editor 5.9

Full-featured audio editor with conversion and text-to-speech capabilities
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WavePad Sound Editor contains all the functions you need to record, improve, enhance, and correct nearly any audio file. All the most widely used audio codecs are fully supported, and the program’s clear waveform editing interface provides you with accurate and high-quality tools to copy, cut, paste, remove unwanted artifacts, or create text-to-speech audio files in a snap.

That is probably the feature that sets it apart from the rest – its TTS capabilities. Not only it is capable of turning your text files into audio files using any synthetic voice installed on your system, but it can also synchronize text and audio to allow you to search the newly-created audio file looking for a specific word or expression. This is something you rarely see in audio editing tools, regardless of how high-end they claim to be. Think of a two-hour recording in which you need to find a specific sentence or phrase – either you listen to the entire recording waiting for it to turn up, or you use this extremely useful feature and locate it in a second. The program will then highlight in the waveform the audio fragment that corresponds with the text in question.

The rest of the functionality that the app offers is equally of a high standard, though more in line with the nature of the program. Its interface reserves most of its surface to offer you an excellent waveform graph of the imported audio file (whose colors you can customize). Alternatively, it can also show you the waveform of any new audio file that you record with this tool. You can use your mouse to select audio portions within the waveform at a high level of accuracy and precision, down to the millisecond. The list of features and functions that you can then apply to your audio file is too long to reproduce here – suffice to say that it includes all the “usual suspects” (equalize, fade in and out, normalize, reverse audio, mix files, record audio, frequency analysis, speed and pitch change, etc.), and some not-so-widespread yet very interesting ones.

Among these you will find various excellent tools to clean up and restore your audio files, which will help you remove all kinds of artifacts, including pops, clicks, and that annoying background hiss of old cassette tapes. You can also use this tool to batch-convert audio files into popular formats, or add a wide variety of sound effects to your recordings using the program’s built-in effects library. You can even “multi-chain” them to apply various effects in a batch fashion.

If you are in need of an all-in-one audio editing and enhancing tool, WavePad Sound Editor may well be that app you are looking for. It has nothing to envy from other better-known audio editors, while it comes with functionality that you will not find easily in most of its competitors.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Waveform graph interface.
  • Extensive range of filters, tools, and effects.
  • Noise reduction and declicking tools.
  • Efficient text-to-speech functionality.
  • Allows you to search the audio using keywords.
  • Supports the most common audio file formats


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